What to know about Christmas Holidays in Germany

In Germany we celebrate the Christmas holidays a little bit different compared to the United States.

The actual celebration is on December 24th. At Christmas eve we give the presents to our loved ones.

BUT the 24th of December is NOT a holiday.

It is acutally a regular working day, where most people have a day off, or take a day off.

Shops are usually open until 2 pm.

To me this is still very interesting, since it is for ages, that December 24th is the actual german Weihnachten.

December 25th and 26th are national holidays all over Germany.

Schools and Shops are closed, except gas stations, clinics etc.

Many people visit or celebrate with family and friends.

But there are also a lot of people who do not know what to do, since the party was on 24th.

First and second christmas days are national holidays and everybody has these two days off.

The days between Christmas and New Years eve (Sylvester) are called “between the years”

Most people, who can, took the days off.

Most companies are occupied with a minimum staff.

New Years eve (Sylvester) is like Christmas eve.

It is not a holiday.

Shops close at 2 pm.

New Years day is a national holiday all over Germany

Everybody has a day off. 

Except emergency staff. First aid ect.

Live starts again on Monday after January 6th, “the holy three kings”

Now everybody is back to work and school.

Life is back to normal.

I just wanted you to know these differences between Germany and the US or UK.

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