Circus Krone in Munich

One of the must see Tourist stops in munich is CIRCUS KRONE!

Circus Krone is Munichs most famous Circus with a real Circus Building in the city close to Hackerbridge.

You can visit Circus Krone in the Wintertime from Christmas Day December 25th until the end of March.

In these 3 month Circus Krone shows 3 absolute different Shows with different artists.

We visited this year the first two shows and we were amazed and super entertained.

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Heavy snow in munich. Attention! Watch out for falling tree branches!

On February 3rd 2019 we had heavy snowfall here in Munich, Germany!

I just want to call your attention to falling branches from trees covered with heavy snow.

Some weeks ago, a child in Bavaria was seriously injoured by a falling tree branch, because of heavy snow.

Just be a little bit cautious.


Enjoy your stay in munich!

Winter and heavy Snow in Munich, February 2019

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