Circus Krone in Munich

One of the must see Tourist stops in munich is CIRCUS KRONE!

Circus Krone is Munichs most famous Circus with a real Circus Building in the city close to Hackerbridge.

You can visit Circus Krone in the Wintertime from Christmas Day December 25th until the end of March.

In these 3 month Circus Krone shows 3 absolute different Shows with different artists.

We visited this year the first two shows and we were amazed and super entertained.

The show is 3 hours long with a 15 minutes break.

We usually take the cheap seats at the top of the circus. You can have a very good view from there.

Make sure to arrive early, because the low cost seats are not numbered. First come first sit. šŸ™‚

There is also a coffee bar, where you can buy snacks.

Circus Krone always has a neat, tidy and elegant environment.

A visit to Circus Krone ist often overlooked by tourists and travellers, coming to munich.

For me this is one thing, every munich visitor should see.

But you can only see the Circus Krone Show from end of December to the End of January!

If you visit munich in this time you should definitely check this out!

Here you can visit the Circus Krone Homepage

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