St. Patrick´s Day in Munich 2020

St. Patrick´s Day Parade on Sunday March 15th 2020

The St. Patrick´s Day parade takes places Sunday 3/15/20 from 12 o´clock (noon).

It goes from Münchner Freiheit to Odeonsplatz in Munich.

Also there will be an Irish food festival that weekend.

After the Parade there will be an AFTER PARADE PARTY at northern Odeonsplatz.

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The alternative way to enter Nymphenburg Castle Park in Munich

Hello traveller!

Most tourist use the main entrance, when entering Schloss Nymphenburg castle in Munich, Germany, Bavaria.

This is very nice and has a beautiful view. But it can also be very crowded.

Here I show you an alternative way to access the park.

You take the bus or tramway to Amalienburgstraße. There is a side gate to enter the park and get a different view of the area.

A very good alternative way to explore the Nymphenburg Castle park in Munich.

Leberkässemmel Alternatives at Viktualienmarkt in Munich

A Quick Tipp for tourist looking for food at Viktualienmarkt in Munich

Leberkässemmel Alternatives as Viktualienmarkt in Munich

  • Many tourist like to eat Leberkäse
  • There are alternatives
  • Fischsemmel at Fisch Witte or Fisch Mayer
  • Bratwurst at Schlemmermayer
  • Essiggurke after a meaty meal
  • Dessert would be at Schmalznudel: Auszogene, Striezel and Krapfen

One thing, that I didn´t mention was Hackepeter Semmel:

This is a roll with raw pork meat and onions.

I like to eat it. But it has to be fresh e.b. at Vinzenzmurr.

Enjoy your stay in Munich!

A nice walk form Sendlinger Tor to Marienplatz. A great way to explore the city of munich by foot.

There are great ways to explore the city of Munich by foot.

In this podcast I tell you about a great walk from Sendlinger Tor to Marienplatz!

Podcast about a very nice walk in Munich

On this walk you can see

  • Asam Church – very nice design
  • Bakery
  • Butchery
  • Bears and Friends Juicy Gummibears
  • Fruit tents with Dates (Datteln)-in winter only
  • Chestnut Booths
  • Abercombie and Fitch Store
  • Northface store
  • Munich Tea House (best teas in munich)
  • and many more stores