January 6th is a state holiday in Bavaria. Epiphany – three holy kings.

On January 6th in Bavaria all stores are closed due to the holiday of the three holy kings – epiphany.

This year 2019 the 6th of January was a sunday, so it had no impact. The shops were closed anyways.

In Germany we do not shift holidays from sundays to the coming monday – but we should 😉

Notice: Jan 6th is not a holiday all over Germany, just in three states: Bavaria, Baden Wuertemberg and Saxony Anhalt.

Overview of public holidays in Bavaria

What to know about Christmas Holidays in Germany

In Germany we celebrate the Christmas holidays a little bit different compared to the United States.

The actual celebration is on December 24th. At Christmas eve we give the presents to our loved ones.

BUT the 24th of December is NOT a holiday.

It is acutally a regular working day, where most people have a day off, or take a day off.

Shops are usually open until 2 pm.

To me this is still very interesting, since it is for ages, that December 24th is the actual german Weihnachten.

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Mariä Himmelfahrt August 15th is a holiday in munich

Dear Tourist,

Every year August 15th is the christian holiday Maria Himmelfahrt.

In Munich the stores are closed.

Mariä Himmelfahrt is a holiday in catholic communities.

In protestant it isn´t a holiday. For example in Nueremberg it is a regular working day.

Grocery shopping – supermarkets

There are some supermarkets open on sundays and holidays in munich

Rewe to go at Main Station (Hauptbahnhof)

Edeka at Main Station (Hauptbahnhof)

Edeka at East Station (Ostbahnhof)

I hope this helps!

I wish you a great stay in munich!