Circus Krone in Munich

One of the must see Tourist stops in munich is CIRCUS KRONE!

Circus Krone is Munichs most famous Circus with a real Circus Building in the city close to Hackerbridge.

You can visit Circus Krone in the Wintertime from Christmas Day December 25th until the end of March.

In these 3 month Circus Krone shows 3 absolute different Shows with different artists.

We visited this year the first two shows and we were amazed and super entertained.

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Heavy snow in munich. Attention! Watch out for falling tree branches!

On February 3rd 2019 we had heavy snowfall here in Munich, Germany!

I just want to call your attention to falling branches from trees covered with heavy snow.

Some weeks ago, a child in Bavaria was seriously injoured by a falling tree branch, because of heavy snow.

Just be a little bit cautious.


Enjoy your stay in munich!

Winter and heavy Snow in Munich, February 2019

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Monday 1/28 public training at FC Bayern at Saebener Street.

Tomorrow will be a open training session of the FC Bayern München Football team, 11 o´clock in the morning.

A great possibility to getting close to the FC Bayern Stars.

Please double check on the FC Bayern Website for the case there are schedule changes.

FC Bayern Schedule

FC BAYERN München Map

Final Game. Euroleague Basketball Adidas Next Generation Tournament | Audi Dome, Munich. Maccabi Teddy – Real Madrid.

Final Match between Maccabi Teddy and Real Madrid.

Basketball Talents from around Europe under 18 years of age are playing in this tournament in munich.

Basketball is gaining more and more popularity in Munich and in Bavaria.

Carnival Prince and Princess Presentation 2019 at Marienplatz

Saturday 12, 2019 at 11:11 am there will be a ceremony at Marienplatz in Munich.

The Carnival Princess and Prince of 2019 will be presented to the public. They also receive the key to the city from munichs major.

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January 6th is a state holiday in Bavaria. Epiphany – three holy kings.

On January 6th in Bavaria all stores are closed due to the holiday of the three holy kings – epiphany.

This year 2019 the 6th of January was a sunday, so it had no impact. The shops were closed anyways.

In Germany we do not shift holidays from sundays to the coming monday – but we should 😉

Notice: Jan 6th is not a holiday all over Germany, just in three states: Bavaria, Baden Wuertemberg and Saxony Anhalt.

Overview of public holidays in Bavaria

Traditional Schaeffler Dance at Marienplatz January 6th 2019

Save the Date: The first traditional Schaeffler Dance is going to be shown at Marienplatz in Munich, Sunday January 6th 2019. 2 pm. Two o´clock in the afternoon.

Video of the Schaeffler Dance at Marienplatz

The popular Schaeffler Dance is only shown every seven years!

It is a great experience to see it personally!

Schäfflertanz Homepage

What to know about Christmas Holidays in Germany

In Germany we celebrate the Christmas holidays a little bit different compared to the United States.

The actual celebration is on December 24th. At Christmas eve we give the presents to our loved ones.

BUT the 24th of December is NOT a holiday.

It is acutally a regular working day, where most people have a day off, or take a day off.

Shops are usually open until 2 pm.

To me this is still very interesting, since it is for ages, that December 24th is the actual german Weihnachten.

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