Leberkässemmel Alternatives at Viktualienmarkt in Munich

A Quick Tipp for tourist looking for food at Viktualienmarkt in Munich

Leberkässemmel Alternatives as Viktualienmarkt in Munich

  • Many tourist like to eat Leberkäse
  • There are alternatives
  • Fischsemmel at Fisch Witte or Fisch Mayer
  • Bratwurst at Schlemmermayer
  • Essiggurke after a meaty meal
  • Dessert would be at Schmalznudel: Auszogene, Striezel and Krapfen

One thing, that I didn´t mention was Hackepeter Semmel:

This is a roll with raw pork meat and onions.

I like to eat it. But it has to be fresh e.b. at Vinzenzmurr.

Enjoy your stay in Munich!